2012 – The End or a New Beginning?

Here we go. It’s 2012. The year the Mayan calendar marks the end of a 5,126-year era…December 21st to be exact. Forget crafting your social media guidelines. What kind of year are we facing? Is it another Y2K or something else?

One school of thought is convinced that it’s the end the world. Dooms day. Book of Revolution fire and brimstone stuff. Armageddon. The total destruction of life as we know it. Then again, there’s another school of thought that believes we are on the doorstep of a new beginning…a period in human history of great transformation and enlightenment. I think most of us would prefer the latter direction.

Yet amidst all this uncertainty, how are you approaching the year? Have you changed your business plans and marketing strategy development? Are you pulling back on your email marketing programs or direct mail campaigns? Maybe your marketing budget is being diverted and invested in alternative strategies such as a fallout bunker or survival gear.

Or, is it business as usual. Are your strategies for the year proceeding as planned? Focused on the economy and going to market with new products or services. Striving to retain your customer base and acquire new customers.

However you and your organization have elected to approach the year, let’s make it a great year! Let’s make it an extremely productive and positive year…one of the best years in the history of our organizations. That’s how we going to approach the year and I have the feeling we won’t be alone.

Here’s to a great year! I hope we all experience much joy and success in 2012 and for many years to come.

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