An outside tip on effective marketing communication programs

Whether you are developing value propositions and key message points for direct mail solutions, emailing marketing programs or social media marketing campaigns, keep this single tip in mind.

1. Outside in

Too often organizations get so enamored with new technology, historical milestones or industry recognition that they don’t ask themselves if their customers care. They try to make their customers care by promoting and touting it in every ad, Web banner, Facebook post and television spot.

Instead of looking at the subject matter from an ‘inside out’ perspective, try looking at it from your customers’ perspective or ‘outside in.’ Figure out how to translate it so it’s of value and benefit to your customers or the audiences you’re attempting to influence or persuade. That’s how you’ll get their attention, get them to care and get them to act.

Simple enough, right?

You can find great examples of successful ‘outside in’ communications in every market. In consumer-to-consumer and business-to-business communications. In the marketing of healthcare services. In financial marketing solutions. In foodservice and agriculture advertising.

Now, consider auditing your marketing communications. How do you think it will perform?

If you find your communications are too company-centric, then it’s time to get everyone thinking in terms of being customer-centric. That’s when ‘outside in’ communications becomes part of your culture and the day-to-day execution of your brand strategy…and with the right internal brand champions, operations will follow suit and start addressing customer touch points from the ‘outside in’; as well.

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