Are QR codes a fad or phenomenon?

Worldwide market penetration of smartphones is predicted to reach 49.2 percent in 2011. In some audience segments the usage is even higher. More that 15 million American consumers purchased tablet devices in 2010 alone.  So with half the planet and a growing number of US tablet users potentially carrying a QR decoding app everywhere, does it make sense to begin dropping QR codes into your print advertising, direct mail, out-of-home media and sales collateral? We agree with other marketing executives and say “absolutely.” This CTA is worth testing as part of your mobile marketing strategies and Web marketing strategies. That’s why account planners and brand strategists are testing it’s use, measuring it’s effectiveness and refining how best to deploy it.

Besides the obvious and highly coveted measured marketing component, QR codes give your target audience immediate access to information in a text or video format on their mobile device of choice. Right there and right now! We have tested this technology on posters to help educate hospital staff and physicians on the conversion to a single electronic medical records system and to promote a college planning Website via bus signage and to launch a new mobile banking app. We’ve also discussed using QR codes on sales collateral for a b-t-b client and interestingly, in an annual report to link the shareholders letter to an online video featuring the CEO. It goes without saying, but we are not viewing it as a fad. We are seeing it as a way to tap the emerging and evolving mobile marketing phenomenon. What about you? How do you plan to test QR codes as part of your marketing communications strategy?
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