Consumers want interactions with U.S. banks to feel local and personal

Banking customers in the U.S. prefer localized, personalized services to be at the center of their relationship with their financial services institutions, according to a new international study by BT and Avaya. The study found that despite the growing use of phone and Internet banking in recent years, 66 percent of U.S.-based customers sees their local branch as the most vital link with their bank – second only to ATM machines.

The results indicate to financial services institutions developing multichannel customer service strategies that U.S. customers want the same personalized service that local branches deliver, regardless of whether the interaction is taking place in person, on the phone, using the Internet or a mobile device.

Looking at the next generation of Internet banking for U.S. consumers:

  • 32 percent would like to use Web chat when browsing financial Websites.
  • 24 percent would be happy to use click-to-call.
  • 14 percent would like to use video chat.

Looking at the adoption of Mobile banking by U.S. consumers:

  • More than 27 percent of respondents are already trying some form of it.
  • 34 percent are eager to make mobile payments.

However, the call center remains the preferred first stop for resolving a complaint or issue. The study also found that 55 percent of U.S. consumers have a strong relationship with their bank and of the four countries surveyed, more of the U.S. consumers said good service improves loyalty.

  • 77 percent for the United States
  • 71 percent for the United Kingdom
  • 66 percent for Spain
  • 58 percent for Germany

As an Indianapolis advertising agency with an Indiana community bank as a long-time client, we aren’t shocked or surprised by these findings. We see it in action at Ameriana Bank. Stop into an Ameriana Banking Center and experience personalized service for yourself. See how they approach localized support through their Giving Walls, Community Rooms and photo tributes to the communities they serve. You’ll also discover and enjoy free fresh coffee, Wi-Fi, and a convenient coin exchange machine as well as mobile banking and a new online FinanceWorks™ tool to help you track and manage how you spend your money.

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