Is this commercial on-target and on-brand?

With all due respect to Euro RSCG, what are you thinking? Even as a parody, the new Woolite “Torturer” commercial is a stretch. You must have conceived the idea and pitched it to the Woolite brand manager in some Amsterdam cafes. 

Yeah, we get it. You’re cool. Rob Zombie and his macabre style scream to women. We all know women are the biggest fans of slasher movies. It’s the new chick flick.

This all reminds me when Fallon used sophomoric boy humor to encourage women to shop at Simon Malls. Like this commercial, I was left shaking my head and asking what the hell!

“Some detergents torture your clothes. Save them with Woolite. Long live your wardrobe.”

The premise. The footage. The editing. The supers. The sound track. The creative team must be running the asylum. This commercial is so off target and off brand. The real fear and pain hits you during the transition to the product hero. It is so hard to stomach and so foreign that it feels like you created another Frankenstein. Complete with incompatible parts digitally mastered from unsuspecting donors.   

How many brand managers, brand consultants or even Indianapolis brand strategists would have put a axe through this idea? I suspect I’m not alone.

View Woolite “Torturer” TV Spot

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