My 2012 Resolutions

The tradition of setting New Year resolutions has never been high on my to-do lists. However, due to the possible significance of this year and the need to post more blog content, I’ve decided to give it a shot. After a few seconds of serious thought, I’ve landed on these resolutions:

Blog two to three times a week to improve our firm’s SEO and business development activities.

Incorporate compelling CTAs on our blog page to execute upon our marketing communications strategy to capture qualified leads via the Internet.

Improve our Website’s organic search ranking by building in the right mix of key phases into each blog such strategic brand management, marketing strategy development and measured marketing.

See I’m trying. Unfortunately, the Message Meter programmed into the Compendium Blogware that we use and offer to our clients is telling me to write a paragraph without any key phases in this post. And now that I’ve done that, it’s telling me to increase my score by adding more keywords.

It’s a hard task master, but let’s try adding two more key phases…interactive Website design and direct marketing solutions. Nope, I’m still not there. This resolution stuff might be harder than I thought. Having the right mix of key phases to the word count in a post is tough.

Finally, that did it. The green bar in the Message Meter is happy. It says “good work, your post has a good number of keywords.” Great! Maybe I’ll be able to keep these resolutions after all.

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