Should blogging be part of your Web marketing strategy?

If this is an ongoing question within your organization, then let’s make a quick business case for blogging.

Customers who read blog postings tend to skew toward first-time readers by an 80 percent margin, so there’s a greater chance to secure them as a new lead and convert them into a new customer.

That’s a good reason, but here’s another one. The reason most social media guidelines and digital marketing strategies include blogs as a best practice.

Blogs improve SEO and the click-through rate to your Web site. How? The keywords and key phases crafted into purposely written blogs work with Google’s search algorithm to increase your site’s listing on the organic side of the search engine results page. That’s why our clients blog. Not to build a following, but to build their site’s search listing on the first page. They know that the organic side is prime real estate because the click-through rate is significantly greater than any pay-per-click listing.

So if the Internet is a key part of your marketing communication strategy then blogging is worth the investment.

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