Top 10 reasons for a logo makeover

1. The new solution for digital apps and print is a 3-D logo, but your logo is as flat as the economy.

2. As a new millennial brand identity design, your logo’s orbits or swoops are caught in a time warp and are being pulled into a black hole.

3. The color palette for your logo was a popular design choice for hotel rooms in 1980.

4. The sky is blue and the Earth is mostly water so that’s why a majority of corporate logos must be blue.

5. Your logo is green and has nothing to do with the environment or the eco movement.

6. The logotype is Times Roman.

7. You had no idea that major corporations like AT&T, Apple, McDonalds and Prudential have modified their logos overtime to keep with the times.

8. More and more of your customers and stakeholders are asking, “What is it?”

9. A second cousin on your dad’s side created it.

10. Just look at it, it’s ugly.

All joking aside, when was the last time you took a good hard look at your logo? Over the years, logos can tarnish and struggle against the times and competition. Maybe it’s time you consider investing in a new brand identity design. As a strategic branding firm, we have assisted a variety of organizations with logo designs and logo makeovers. Whether your logo needs to be updated or completely overhauled, our brand strategists will walk you through the process. We start by assessing the need, competitive space and overall value as well as understanding your brand marketing strategy and determining core requirements before any design solutions are ever developed or shared. Or if you prefer, you can order a new logo design online for cheap and make my next “Top 10”; list.

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