Turn online videos into interactive and measured marketing

What if viewers of online videos could grab information about the topic being presented as their interest is triggered…without losing their place in the video or waiting for the video to end and searching for that content. No annoying automated pop-ups or other intrusive technology either. Interaction totally controlled by the viewer which entices them to stick around.

Think of the possibilities! A video posted of a banking specialist sharing smarter ways to handle money. As he or she speaks, giving viewers the ability to see product comparisons, promotional offers, download mobile banking apps, or make an appointment to discuss college or retirement funding…all treaded within the context of the video and a single click away. How’s that for financial marketing solutions to monetize online videos.

What about patient testimonial videos used by most hospitals. The importance and details behind each story could do even more good. Viewers could retrieve facts on the medical condition and stats on their risk, secure information on screening options, new treatments and procedures, schedule an appointment or learn about upcoming health fairs.

How about DIY videos that give the homeowners the option to view product photos and specs, purchase items then and there, download coupons or installation drawings, access downloadable tips or steps, email questions or have an online chat with a company rep and then jump back and finish watching the video.

What about marketing non-profit organizations with compelling and emotive videos that give viewers the ability to open an online donation form at that moment they are moved to do so, get access to reports on the organization or share charts on how the money is used, as well as include additional videos and photo on your mission and cause. Employee training and corporate Intranets could also be changed forever too. These videos could be directly linked to surveys for instant feedback and measurement. Complex subjects like product sales, customer service and strategic brand management could be delivered in one comprehensive and compelling package that supports the seven learning styles as well as allowing for testing, retesting and fun internal contests.

And what if this video technology was a simple add-on platform to your existing video assets? Plus it included analytics that allow you to test, track and retool the content to improve interaction and overall results. It’s not science fiction. It’s real and it’s available today! Visit meboxmedia.com. Tell the group involved in your Web marketing strategy, customer engagement, human resources and corporate training. If they are slow to adopt this video technology, then give Lunar Strategies a call. We’ll show you how to launch these external and internal digital marketing strategies.

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