Aquaculture Today

Take a look at our fact sheet for information on the importance of building the U.S. aquaculture industry to provide safe, secure supplies of healthy seafood, while building our economy and reducing our trade deficit.

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We Need to Take Action Now!

CUSP recognizes the need to continue developing aquaculture in the United States. A growing domestic aquaculture sector will increase food security, preserve endangered working waterfronts, provide domestic jobs and create local businesses vested in protecting the environment that they depend upon to grow healthy food. Presently, we import more than 90% of seafood consumed in […]

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America Needs Another Revolution

We need a Blue Revolution, to start to grow fish in the open ocean, where they belong. And we should lead the world in this initiative. This is an economic opportunity: we must reverse our $12.9 billion seafood trade deficit. We have the technologies, we have the investment capital, and we need the jobs and […]

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