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The Coalition of U.S. Seafood Production (CUSP) was founded by a group of seafood industry stakeholders with a common interest in growing domestic aquaculture. CUSP is made up of aquaculture producers, retail and restaurant customers, researchers, technology and feed suppliers, public aquariums and other not-for-profit organizations. The group aims to provide expertise and support for government action that will enable aquaculture growth.

The U.S. aquaculture industry is poised to expand domestic seafood production. The efforts by CUSP are helping to create jobs from working waterfronts to the agricultural heartland; make safe, nutritious, sustainable domestic seafood available to U.S. consumers; complement wild catch recovery efforts with farmed seafood; and reduce the seafood trade deficit.

CUSP works to pursue the following primary goals:

  • Specific efforts in support of legislative and administrative government action
  • Coordination of education and communications efforts

Would you like to join our mission?
For more information about CUSP and how to join, contact Bridget Owen.