October 2014.

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a hundred times. Advertising is a young person’s game. Is it because they are cheaper to employ? Are willing and capable to work all night to meet the clients’ deadlines? Or is it because they simply don’t know any better? After all, their life experiences are limited. If I was a client looking to hire an advertising agency, I would argue that it’s the latter and look for a firm with a seasoned team for my account. Why? It’s pretty elementary. Why would I want to pay to educate my account team on my business and their business as well? You see, while a group of green, fresh faced advertising people may be full of energy and enthusiasm, they don’t know what they don’t know. I’d much rather be sitting across the table from seasoned ad professionals who have experience to pull from, who have seen what works and what doesn’t, who know best practices and who recognize that I need measureable results to build my brand instead of awards to build their portfolios and careers. And I know from experience that an inexperienced team will take more billable hours to research and create effective solutions. And require more senior staff members to challenge and coalesce the recommendations that get presented to me. Time and thinking I’m sure the agency will try to have me pay for — not.